Enrollment Process

Little People Montessori does not discriminate between applicants on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, or disability. Children entering Little People Montessori must be at least 12 months old.


Prior to enrollment, parents must schedule a visit to tour the school with their child and meet with the Director, Mrs. Isabella Maka. No child will be enrolled without an introductory visit.

There will be several forms to submit once you’ve decided to place your child with LPM such as:

  • LPM enrollment form and emergency contacts

  • DHS information and emergency forms

  • Immunization records

1. Enrollment Paperwork

2. Enrollment Agreement

You will be sent an enrollment agreement online after completing the enrollment forms.

3. Pay Tuition

You’ll receive an invoice to pay your enrollment fee and first month’s tuition.

We will work with you to schedule several short visits to the school with your child in the week or two before their start date to allow them an easier transition to full time.


You will have a pre-enrollment meeting with our School Director, Isabella to go over everything you need to know before your child starts.

5. Meet with DIRECTOR

We will send you a parent handbook as well as several resources to help you learn more about the Montessori Method and helping your child be successful at school.

6. Materials and resources

Other Enrollment Information


Year Round Montessori

LPM operates a year-round Montessori Program with an Annual Enrollment Agreement that is valid for the Academic School Year (July through June). Annual Tuition is based on the full year’s fee, which has been divided into 12 equal monthly payments for your convenience. Payments are not considered “by the month” charges. Parent(s) understand that the child is being enrolled for the entire Academic School Year, or remainder of the School Year in the event of mid-year enrollment.

Enrollment Fee

A $200 annual enrollment fee is assessed upon a child’s first enrollment and annually thereafter at the beginning of each academic school year with a new Annual Enrollment Agreement. Enrollment fee is subject to change at the beginning of a new Academic Year.

Waiting List

In the event that the school is full, new openings will be filled from the waitlist. To put a child on the waiting list, a completed Application Form and a $200 nonrefundable deposit are required. Upon enrollment, the $200 is applied to the child’s enrollment fee. As openings become available, we will notify parents/guardians whose child has been placed on the waitlist. If we have not received an affirmative answer after two days, we will move the next person on the list.